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The Grateful Brothers pay tribute to two of the richest catalogs of music in American history: The Grateful Dead and The Allman Brothers Band.


Formed in early 2016, The Grateful Brothers combine the catalogs of The Allman Brothers and The Grateful Dead. Often intertwining songs through segues and transitions, they carry out the improvisational spirit of the two groups in their own space. They use the songs as more of a template rather than adhering to strict album-style covers, creating a unique, high-energy, and genuine crowd experience at every performance. The seven musicians making up the band have known each other and played in various outfits with one another for upwards of twenty years. The camaraderie between them is obvious and the familiarity leads to the ease of musical exploration.

The Grateful Brothers are comprised of an all-star lineup of Upstate SC's best musicians:

Zach Thigpen - Guitar and Vocals

Matt Fassas - Guitar and Vocals

Adam McFarlane - Keys and Vocals

Jeff Holland - Percussion

James Hall - Drums and Vocals

Samuel Kruer - Bass

Larry Williams - Drums

The Grateful Brothers Trio


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